About inCube Arts

Based in New York City, inCube Arts is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering new forms of cultural exchange and creative expression through exhibitions, art festival, artist/curator residencies, workshops and public lectures and talks. In the missions of “Nurturing international artists, empowering international curators and creating a platform for art resources”, inCube Arts will organize multi-functional projects such as the “inToAsia Time-base Media Art Festival”, “International Artist Residency Program”, “Emerging Curators Program”, “Artists Program” and “Art Feature Program”; as to provide an international cultural-exchange platform for Asian Arts to the rest of the world. inCube Arts aims to create a beyond-institution, trans-disciplinary and cross-continent stage for the professionals to brainstorm their avant-garde, experimental and brilliant ideas.

To be the pioneer among different disciplines
InCube Arts provides a communication platform for different art institutions. In collaboration with museums, enterprises or other forms of financial sponsorships, we want to emphasize the realization of connection between art academy and art market, and the development of international exchange. Encouraging the transparent communication and collaboration among art schools, galleries, art marketing and management professions is our long-term goal, for which we will establish an efficient and aggressive executive plan.

To be an open-source communication platform
inCube Arts will be an informative, communicative platform for contemporary art and the open archive for global contemporary art resources. inCube Arts aims to provide artists, curators, media and professionals a more open environment to share their opinions and challenge ideas toward contemporary art.

inCube Arts was named for two meaningful reasons. One is from the word “incubator”, we hope to incubate the art and creativity, and deliver them into practical projects. The other is the derivative interpretation of “incubator”, incube. In the cubical space we provide the chance for brilliant minds to brainstorm, and activate the unlimited possibility in the Arts. With the great vision, InCube will become the incubator of outstanding creators and lead us to a new generation of contemporary art.

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